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Welcome to Heartland Harvest!  Thank you for visiting.  Here, at Heartland Harvest, we’ll show you how professional landscape design service is prepared to take you through the process of working with your landscape. Implementing successful North Shore landscaping services, we have a unique market place, set up to manage all your outdoor needs.

Our specialty is rolling out the canvas for you to recognize the potential of your landscape.  Heartland Harvest features a variety of programs organized to manage your landscape needs.  We offer design / build / maintenance services.  Together, these services will carry your property through the seasons ahead in a sustainable manor.  From full-scale property landscape design to a basic maintenance programs, we can identify your needs and plan for exceptional care.  Heartland Harvest is a full service landscape design / build / maintenance company.   

Our creative Landscape Design Program is ready to compliment your outdoor lifestyle.  Landscape designer and owner, Gregory Reese, has 10 years of professional design experience.  Greg’s vision to enhance or transform landscape settings is organized to create natural balance between the client and environment.

The Heartland Harvest build team can install landscapes too.  Our landscape design team sets up a design services based on successful Chicago landscaping installation practices.  Combining Heartland Harvest landscape design with our build team is a very practical way to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

For small scale landscape improvement projects, a design program may not be necessary.  When small scale projects are requested, often times, solutions present themselves and are easy to communicate to the client, verbally.  These smaller projects are handled by our Landscape Enhancement Department. 

Heartland Harvest’s Landscape Maintenance Department has many services to best suit the demands of your property.  Our seasoned maintenance staff operates in a highly efficient manor, leaving your property neat and clean with every visit.  Please review our Landscape Maintenance List of Services for a better idea how we can take care of your property.

From full-scale landscape design including rooftop garden design, to landscape construction, and  maintenance, the landscape designers at Heartland Harvest can help with your outdoor projects today. Please contact us for more information.

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Welcome to Heartland 
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